— Story —

Long ago and far away, more than 17 generations ago in England, God planted the seed for a passion of farming in the Butterfield families’ hearts.  Since that time God has not only fueled the flame in our hearts, but also multiplied it many times over.  We are farmers. We are servants.  The servant heart God placed in us is not satisfied unless we are serving others and taking care of God’s creation.   

Our great-grandfather was a dairy farmer and Grandpa Ivan left the farm as a teen ready for a change. However, as the years passed he longed to have a small farm of his own which brought him to our homestead.  As a very young man, Dad dreamed of owning and operating his own cattle farm as well.  When we were kids, he raised Suffolk sheep and kept us equipped with show animals and horses to rodeo.  However, that never quenched Dad’s passion for a cattle farm. Years later with God’s prompting and the passion He gave Dad, Butterfield Farm’s Grass-fed Beef operation was born.  

We believe in our product and strive to provide high quality healthy beef for our community.  We take pride in raising our farm animals without the use of hormones or antibiotics, and our cattle are one hundred percent grass-fed. We invite you to know your farmer, then you get to know where your food comes from and how it was raised. 

Our mission is to not only provide customers with quality 100% grass-fed beef, but more importantly to share God’s love through our interactions with others. As Grandpa Ivan would say, you haven’t missed much if you haven’t met us, but you have missed it all if you haven’t met Jesus. Our prayer is that you see God’s love in all we do.

-Jennifer Butterfield Winslett, 2017